oddly different socks

About Us

Our story starts on a cold, wet November night in 2005, Gary and Paul were sat in the pub with their friends and randomly Paul says:

“Aren’t socks a funny thing?”

“No, not really – do you want another pint?” Gary replied bluntly.

“Well, I think they are” Paul continued “They are the things that everyone wears, but they always match.”

“Well, they’re socks, they’re supposed to match, like fish and chips or jelly and ice cream.” replied a puzzled Gary.

“That’s my point, fish and chips match but they’re different” as Paul shuffled to the edge of his seat, suddenly getting animated.

“I’m starving, can we eat?” Gary asked

“Wait, wait, stay with it” Paul was desperate to make his point “Don’t you think it’s funny that everyone wears matching socks – what an opportunity for self-expression!”

“You’ve lost me” Gary confessed “have you been watching Oprah again?”

“Imagine people wearing oddsocks, different patterns, and colours, a little bit of self-expression everyday”

“Oh no” Gary looked worried “you’ve got that look in your eye”

And so it began…….

United Oddsocks vision is simple….we don’t want to change the world, we just want everyone to have the opportunity to do something different every day.

So how’s it worked out so far?

Our journey has been a lot of hard work but also a lot of fun, designing, developing and making top notch stuff that’s oddly different– just like cheese and pickle, perfect together but very different. A bit like our fantastic team here at United Oddsocks.

Thanks to our superb network of retailers and stockists in the UK and around the globe we’re able to constantly evolve our product ranges making us one of the world’s leading sock gift companies.
Of course, none of this would have been possible without you our customers, who drive us every day to be different.